LGBT Themed Games / Gay Videogames

I do this post because of the difficulty of finding games with Homosexual / Gay theme, I hope that the content can be useful, many of the games can be played regardless of your sexual orientation.

1. Coming Out Simulatorcomingoutsimulator

A web game in which the creator places a fictional version of himself, within the night that changed his life forever, the night he came out of the closet, all you have to do is select the options of what you are going to say as any graphic novel, in which there are no correct answers only lies and truths within a real story.

2. Coming Out on Topcomingoutontop

Another graphic novel style game or dating simulator, in which you play the role of a student who started a new life after coming out of the closet in front of his friends. Meanwhile you will meet a large number of men, with whom you can be intimate if you make the right decisions.

3. The Simsgay-sims-marry4

It is not exactly a “Homosexual” game, despite being called on many occasions as “the virtual doll house”. Sims allows you to create a variety of stories and make the characters relate regardless of their sex.

4. My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant hotguyss

A graphic adventure, in which we are a retired captain who returns to his space adventures with the aim of saving his boyfriend. He calls himself “the most Gay game ever created”, although he received a lot of negative criticism, due to an erotic over exploitation of the characters, a little elaborate story and design.

5. Ultimate Gay Fighter Ultimate_Gay_Fighter_4

Like any other Street Fighter style fighting game, Mortal Kombat but with characters that make many references to the LGBT world.

6. 3D Gayvilla 23d gayvilla 2

A game much more explicit and more considered erotic, with which you can become a porn director and shoot the best movies or fulfill your fantasies, all for free, although you can buy items within the game.

7. See No Evilseenoevil

A hidden gem, this point-and-click game tells the story of a man who wakes up naked after a night of drunkenness to discover that everything is wrong, so the player will be investigating the neighborhood and trying to solve the problems of strange beings that have appeared.

8. No, Thank You!!!0zm5P9V

A visual novel, still in development, that tells the story of a man who suffers a car accident because he decided to save another young man, so the young man who has been saved begins to take care of him and help him recover his memory, while Both work in their bar where a lot of attractive men enter.

9. Super Health Clubtumblr_n4hysjMc7b1sfzmako1_500

Another game that is in development, but in addition to being a visual novel or dating simulator, is also a management game, since we will be managers of a gym. An excellent choice if you like muscular men!

10. Fantastic Boyfriendsfantastic boyfriends

Very recently he had his campaign in Indiegogo raising 85%, although because it did not reach the amount they were looking for the development was delayed a bit, but the developers say they continue with the project. This is a Japanese game exclusively for IOS and Android with a game style such as an RPG, in which you are destined to be the hero capable of saving a fantasy world from a demon reign.

11. Mount your FriendsSYI9q3QL3wDF.878x0.Z-Z96KYq

Maybe you have heard about this game, or see it from a youtuber, although it is a game with some homoerotic references such as the title says “Montate your friends” or the large size of the “players’ packages”, it is played like the sims by large heterosexual public. The game is based on the use of physics and scaling with different buttons that move the player’s joints with the aim of riding in certain marked areas, sound silly but it is really fun.

12. Succulent

I do not know if I really consider it a game, but we could say that the goal is: to watch man sucking ice cream while he paws the package? Whatever the intention of the developed one to make a bizarre or homo-erotic game, this game would fall into this category of homosexual theme.

13. Hurt me Plentyhurt me plenty

From the same creator of Succulent a slightly more elaborate game that serves as a BDSM simulator, in which you have to spank a man until his butt turns red … perhaps exciting for some.

14. Pocket Date BoyPocket date boy

From the same Super Health Club developers. Pocket Date Boy was a saga to which they were previously dedicated of which they were sent great amount of different deliveries, although the modality of the game is to be a simulator of appointments, it is better to call it like a simulator of sex due to its high erotic content.

15. PrideFest


A social simulation game in which you must create a city, fill it with colors as a way to celebrate equality and expand it. In short a gameplay not so different from city simulation games and in other words a gay version of Cityville.